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Unilode owns and manages approximately 120,000 ULDs for more than 40 airline customers across a global network of 480 airports and 50 repair centres.

Our asset management and repair services for ULDs, galley carts and ground support equipment are designed to enable our customers to focus on their core business of flying passengers and cargo, while delivering significant cost savings and operational benefits to their business.

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Find out how much you can save with our lightweight ULDs, including capital expenditure, as we take over the cost of converting your fleet to lightweight containers.

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Unilode is proud to work in partnership with some of the biggest names in aviation, providing bespoke solutions to their complex logistical requirements. Our customers include:

Our global network

Unilode Aviation Solutions' network of 50 certified repair stations, 30 of which are owned and managed by Unilode, provides maintenance and repair services for ULDs, galley carts and ground support equipment across the world.

This allows us to manage over 120,000 ULDs for more than 40 airlines over 480 airports globally.

Unilode Aviation Solutions’ head office is based in Zurich, and the Operations Centres for ULD management customers are located in Bangkok, London and Miami.

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