Knowing where your assets are has never been easier

Unilode is building an interoperable global reader infrastructure by leveraging its unrivalled global MRO and customer network and is developing a back-end system delivering data to customers, which gives them a competitive edge. A flexible reader network is important to provide global asset visibility, and Unilode is collaborating with leading industry providers, airports, GHAs and other stakeholders in the value chain to achieve this objective.

Unilode's solution enables mobile phone reading, even during flight, and provides customers with all the data they need. Special cargo monitoring is important at all times during the journey. Mobile phones can detect Unilode tags in flight via BLE and send data to the ground via onboard wifi, so ground and flight crews can be instantly alerted if necessary. Alternatively, a BLE 5.0 reader installed in the aircraft hold can detect tags and send data to ground via the aircraft´s communication hub.

Digital reader infrastructure roll-out

By the end of August 2023 Unilode has installed more than 700 fixed readers in its network, which provide visibility for approximately 90% of Unilode ULDs. Unilode’s digital readers have been installed at all key airports and our customers can take advantage of a full set of value-added features.

The fixed readers provided by Unilode are small, have a long range Bluetooth antenna up to 400m radius, battery back-up for up to 10 days, humidity protection, built-in GPS and data transfer through GSM/LTE/5G Cellular networks.