Unilode’s partners for digital transformation

For the implementation of our digitalisation programme we have teamed up with hardware technology provider OnAsset Intelligence to develop the digital asset tracking technology and leading ULD manufacturers Safran, PalNet and Nordisk to integrate the digital tag in the pallet design.


Unilode is the leading global provider of outsourced ULD management solutions and owns and operates the largest global network for the maintenance and repair of ULDs and inflight food service equipment. Unilode's Digital Transformation programme was recognised with the IATA Air Cargo Innovation Award in 2019.

OnAsset Intelligence

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, OnAsset Intelligence Inc. is the global leader in aviation-compliant supply chain tracking and monitoring solutions. OnAsset manufactures wireless devices that monitor all modes of transport including land, sea and air. Products and services include SENTRY and Sentinel wireless hardware, the Vision and OAInsight Monitoring Platforms, and enterprise API. Its flagship product, SENTRY FlightSafe®, is approved by commercial and cargo operators across the globe. For more information visit www.onasset.com.


AviusULD provides a full range of high-quality ULDs that meet airlines’ needs with global reach and support. The company is consistently at the cutting edge of innovation, setting the standard for the airline industry with durable, reliable, easy-to-handle products for safe flight operation – at the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). For more information visit www.aviusuld.com.


PalNet was founded in 2001 and since then it has been a synonym for reliability, long-term knowledge, excellent after-sales service and competent partnership in all matters connected with international airfreight operations. Company employees frequently participate in international symposia, seminars and courses, ensuring that up-to-date specialist knowledge is all areas connected with the ULD business is available to its customers and partners at all times. For more information visit www.air-cargo-products.de.

Nordisk Aviation Products

Nordisk Aviation Products has designed, developed and manufactured hundreds of thousands of state-of-the-art ULDs since 1970. The company is the global leader in its field, supplying almost every wide-bodied aircraft in the world and offering the most extensive range of air cargo pallets and containers. Its mission is to develop and supply efficient, reliable and safe ULD solutions that make air cargo easy. For more information visit www.nordisk-aviation.com.