Container tag and unique integrated pallet tag

For the development of the digital technology we were looking for a solution able to meet five pre-defined criteria:
- non-obstructive tag design
- compliant with regulations
- mobile app / in-flight monitoring
- multi-sensor capabilities
- non-proprietary / interoperable

Together with our partners we have designed a unique Bluetooth 5 tag which is seamlessly integrated into the corner of the pallet to reduce mishandling and stacking problems. A carve-out solution for pallets has also been developed in cooperation with our pallet manufacturer partners.

The digital container tags can be mounted in any container type manufactured by any OEM, also retroactively.

Unilode's digital solution is DO160G Section 21 (Cat. H, M and P) tested and compliant, and is approved to capture data during flight. The tags have been approved for installation by all major OEMs. With our worldwide MRO network we have the workshops and skillset needed for tag installation and maintenance.

How it works


Tracking device and batteries installed inside extrusion rail

Antenna element embedded into composite insert that attaches to pallet corner piece

Pallet tag

Tracking device and batteries

Antenna element