Unilode’s digitalisation programme

Since winning the inaugural IATA Air Cargo Innovation Award in 2015 with the ULD tracking solution CanTrack, Unilode has been working closely with its customers to enhance the digital ULD tracking technology with user input across the end-to-end value chain. Unilode's Digital Transformation programme was recognised by the industry for the second time with the IATA Air Cargo Innovation Award in 2019.

Unilode's Digital Transformation programme enables its customers to increase cargo velocity through greater transparency, optimise supply chain management, improve the utilisation of equipment, enhance service delivery to their own customers and bring business analytics to the next level.

Digitalisation aims to solve common issues relating to ULDs and cargo, such as loss and theft in transit, delays caused by wrong positioning, exposure to wrong ambient conditions, damage through mishandling and revenue loss caused by unavailability of ULDs.

Airlines with insourced ULD management can also benefit from Unilode's digital solution.

Watch our short animated movie to learn more about the benefits of Unilode's Digital Transformation programme.