Unilode is dedicated to building a truly digital skyway where technology is open and accessible to all

Working closely with our customers, we have enhanced our digital tracking technology with invaluable user input and insight across the end-to-end value chain. This innovative approach greatly improves interoperability and flexibility, and delivers the cost efficiencies and certainty our industry and our customers demand.

Value Proposition

Unilode accelerates the digital transformation for ULD management solutions by having brought to the market a superior digital solution based on a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5 tag fully embedded into the structure of the ULD, which is supported by a global interoperable reader infrastructure.

Unique Technology

Unilode’s unique Bluetooth 5 tag is seamlessly integrated into the pallet design and the container tags can be mounted on any container type, even retroactively. Unilode’s solution enables mobile phone reading, even during flight, and provides customers with all the data they need.

Global Reader Infrastructure

Unilode is building an interoperable global reader infrastructure by leveraging its unrivalled global MRO and airline customer network and has developed a back-end system delivering data to customers, which gives them a competitive edge. By end of September 2020, Unilode has installed readers in 233 locations, which provide visibility for almost 50% of its entire ULD fleet.

Digital ULD Fleet

The multi-sensor technology of Unilode's Bluetooth tags enables the monitoring of location, temperature, humidity, light and shock, helping its customers to create end-to-end transparency for the air cargo supply chain and gain better control over their most critical shipments. Unilode has equipped more than 25,000 ULDs with Bluetooth tags by end of September 2020.

Partnerships & Expertise

Unilode’s business model is built on collaboration and trust. For the implementation of our digitalisation programme we have teamed up with leading hardware technology provider OnAsset Intelligence and three of the world's largest ULD manufacturers Safran, PalNet and Nordisk.