Digitalisation is bringing ULD management capabilities to the next level

Unilode has equipped more than 25,000 ULDs with Bluetooth tags by end of September 2020 and is accelerating the digitisation of its container and pallet fleet as the fitting of the digital tags in now part of the ULD repair process. All new pallets purchased by Unilode are being delivered by the OEMs with the digital tag already installed. At present, more than 28% of the containers in Unilode's R7 fleet are digitised, while approximately 9% of the pallets have a digital tag. Some Unilode customers have reached digitisation status of up to 99% of their dedicated container fleet.

So far, more than 60 airlines have provided Unilode with operational allowance to load digitised ULDs onboard their aircraft, and all major ULD manufacturers have been cooperating with Unilode, placing us in the position to digitally enable almost all units beyond our own fleet.

Unilode is transforming its ULD management solution into a key value-driver for customers

The multi-sensor technology of Unilode's Bluetooth tags enables the monitoring of location, temperature, humidity, light and shock, helping its customers to create end-to-end transparency for the air cargo supply chain and gain better control over their most critical shipments, especially for pharmaceuticals, perishables, valuables, sensitive and fragile cargo.