Knowing where your assets are has never been easier

Unilode is building an interoperable global reader infrastructure by leveraging its unrivalled global MRO and customer network and is developing a back-end system delivering data to customers, which gives them a competitive edge. A flexible reader network is important to provide global asset visibility and Unilode is collaborating with leading industry providers, airports, GHAs and other stakeholders in the value chain to achieve this objective.

Digital infrastructure roll-out

In phase 1, Unilode will equip 40,000 ULDs of its fleet with Bluetooth tags, establish a reader infrastructure at 40 airports, and offer a ULD track & trace portal to its customers. During phase 2, Unilode will increase the number of Bluetooth tagged ULDs to 90,000, make Bluetooth reader infrastructure available at more than 100 airports and automate ULD control message. By the end of phase 3, 100% of Unilode’s ULD fleet will be Bluetooth tagged, the Bluetooth reader infrastructure will be implemented at more than 250 airports, and a full set of digital value-add features will be available.