LATAM Cargo and Unilode extend ULD management partnership until 2028

June 17, 2021

The cargo affiliates of LATAM Airlines Group (“LATAM Cargo”) and Unilode Aviation Solutions, the market leader in outsourced unit load device (ULD) management and repair services, have extended their ULD management partnership for a further seven-year term until 2028.

LATAM Cargo and Unilode signed their initial five-year ULD management and repair agreement in 2016. As part of the newly extended agreement, Unilode will open a new ULD repair shop in São Paulo, Brazil, by January 2022, and provide digital services and sensory data to LATAM Cargo and its customers. In line with Unilode’s IoT-enabled, customer-centric approach, Unilode will continue to deliver significant ULD efficiencies and cost savings to LATAM Cargo, and enhanced analytical solutions including a customer dashboard will further optimise LATAM’s operations.

Juan Pablo Marquez, Operational Support Director, LATAM Cargo, said: “Unilode has constantly met our expectations over the years, and supported our airline group with continuous service delivery during the current pandemic, including LATAM’s vaccine distribution projects across Latin America. Unilode’s ULD supply has enabled LATAM to continue its operations during these challenging times and the transition to more durable and lighter containers will provide our company with significant sustainability benefits. We are pleased to grow together with our trusted ULD management partner as the aviation industry continues its recovery following the Covid-19 crisis.”

Mr. Babak Yazdani, Managing Director ULD Solutions, Unilode, said: “LATAM Cargo is one of Unilode’s largest ULD management customers and a strategic account in our portfolio as its footprint in Latin America and worldwide network provide substantial synergies in Unilode’s global ULD pool for the benefit of our other customers as well. We are highly committed to strengthening our partnership by opening an additional repair shop, generating unprecedented insights and visibility for LATAM through our digital solutions, and delivering recurring efficiencies and cost savings facilitated by a dedicated customer success management team. Our goal is to enable LATAM to deliver revenue-generating opportunities provided by Unilode’s ULD management, repair and digital solutions, and contribute to their growth in the years to come.”

For further information please contact:

Melinda Ferreira
Head of Marketing and Communications
Unilode Aviation Solutions
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Maria Teresa Escobar
Branding, Communications and Sustainability Manager
LATAM Cargo / LATAM Airlines Group
+56 2 2565 2525 Ext. 9097

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