Over 25,000 Unilode ULDs flying digital!

October 22, 2020

We are proud to announce that we hit the milestone of 25,000 digital ULDs in our fleet and 300 readers in our network and are on track to have 40,000 units equipped with Bluetooth tags by the end of this year. Unilode’s entire fleet of 140,000 ULDs is expected to be digitised within the next 18 months and will be by far the largest digital ULD fleet in the industry.

The smart sensors installed in Unilode’s ULDs provide valuable data on the location and condition of the cargo and with the increased demand in temperature-controlled supply chain especially the possibility of temperature monitoring will become more and more important.

Contact Unilode (info@unilode.com) to discuss how we can help airlines, pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders monetise our innovative digital solution and create additional value and revenue streams in the supply chain.