Unilode and Cathay Pacific successfully conclude trials

September 27, 2018

Unilode successfully completed the Bluetooth tracking trials with its ULD management customer Cathay Pacific, delivering end-to-end visibility of cargo shipments between Hong Kong and Melbourne.  The project team, consisting of Cathay Pacific, OnAsset, Nexiot and Unilode, was able to deliver a flawless capture of data for all relevant supply chain events into Cathay Pacific’s cargo management systems. The trial included the world’s first deployment of Bluetooth Low Energy version 5 technology that delivers superior performance and range over any other Bluetooth deployment previously conducted, and also featured another world-first with data capture being conducted with a mix of fixed readers and using mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), which all parties believe marks the true game-changer for delivering reliable and robust tracking services to our industry.  The upscaling of the ongoing trials will continue and Unilode will be making further announcements on its rollout schedule for the digital enablement of its ULD fleet in the very near future.