Unilode and OnAsset announce Managed Interoperability™, the world’s first global, aviation-compliant Bluetooth® roaming network

February 28, 2020

Unilode Aviation Solutions, the leading global provider of outsourced Unit Load Device (ULD) management and repair solutions and winner of the 2019 IATA Air Cargo Innovation Award for its digital transformation programme, and OnAsset Intelligence, the leading provider of supply chain tracking and monitoring solutions, are announcing the launch of the world’s first aviation-compliant Bluetooth® roaming network.

This development follows in the path of a variety of digitally-enabled services recently brought to market by Unilode. In the process of building the world’s largest fleet of connected aviation containers and pallets, Unilode has been rapidly rolling out a global infrastructure of readers at key airports using OnAsset’s SENTRY 500 FlightSafe® device, a fully aviation-compliant and airline-approved Bluetooth® 5 reader. These readers capture data from multi-sensor digital tags, continuously collecting location, temperature, humidity, motion, shock and light data to provide powerful insights into the status of Unilode’s digitally-enabled fleet and its customers’ cargo and passengers’ baggage. Augmented by a mobile app that allows any iOS or Android device to become part of the reader network, Unilode has created a powerful, flexible and standards-based network that the company is now opening for the benefit of all stakeholders in the aviation value chain.

Serving the aviation industry is particularly challenging due to the highly regulated and fast-paced nature of the business. With compliance and safety always being key concerns, it requires more than just a network. As part of the service, not only is access to the network provided, but a full suite of services to validate and onboard new devices are included. Ensuring the security, integrity and compliance pedigree of the network are foundational considerations and ease of business is also a core focus, so Managed Interoperability™ bundles all the facets of integration together. Including a thorough review of regulatory compliance, security, encryption, authentication, messaging protocols and device performance, Managed Interoperability™ covers the integration process from A to Z as part of the service.

Mr. Benoît Dumont, Unilode CEO, said: “Customers have been asking for interoperability in the network for some time.  We are happy to offer access to our reader infrastructure to anyone who has a Bluetooth® tag that meets the extremely high standards of the aviation industry and supports best-in-class security and encryption. We won’t let just any device on our network. There are a lot of inferior products on the market and we want customers to know that they can trust and rely on data provided by Unilode – this is why we are bringing a more comprehensive solution with Managed Interoperability™ to the market.”

Mr. Adam Crossno, OnAsset Intelligence CEO said: “OnAsset is pleased to support Unilode in taking this next big step in digital evolution. We know the market likes choices, and we know that Unilode’s customers demand the best, so we are excited to help realise this vision for the world’s largest interoperable Bluetooth® network. Innovation like this isn’t easy, especially in the aviation industry, so we are focused on doing it right. We are using all our expertise and experience to help Unilode set the gold standard in delivering these new services.”

For further information please contact:
Melinda Ferreira
Head of Marketing and Communications
Unilode Aviation Solutions
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