Unilode installs its digital ULD readers at all Menzies Aviation facilities

August 26, 2020

Unilode Aviation Solutions, the global leader in outsourced Unit Load Device (ULD) management and repair solutions, and Menzies Aviation, the global aviation logistics specialist, have agreed to install Unilode’s Bluetooth® ULD readers at all Menzies facilities worldwide to increase ULD and cargo visibility in the aviation supply chain.

Unilode’s ULDs are equipped with a Bluetooth® tag, which is able to transmit data on the geolocation of the aviation containers and pallets, in addition to providing other relevant information on the cargo, including temperature, humidity, shock, light and pressure. The infrastructure relies on a network of Bluetooth® readers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Unilode’s digital solution won industry-wide recognition as the recipient of the IATA Air Cargo Innovation Award last year.

Robert Fordree, Menzies Aviation Executive Vice President of Cargo, said: ”This new partnership between Menzies Aviation and Unilode will bring additional benefits to all our customers as they will be able to monitor the location and control the condition of their shipments in the aviation supply chain. The digital readers will be installed at all Menzies warehouses and ramp locations, where several thousand ULDs are handled on a daily basis on behalf of Unilode’s ULD management customers. We look forward to using Unilode’s award-winning digital solution to further enhance Menzies’ service delivery to airlines and other stakeholders around the world.”

Benoît Dumont, Unilode CEO, said: “Unilode’s agreement with Menzies is another important step towards expanding our global ULD reader infrastructure at the facilities of leading ground handlers at key airports. We are in the final stages of rolling out our new in-house developed and custom-built IT platform called FAST, which will enable quick and reliable data processing and provide our customers with easy access to the tracking information supplied by our digital ULDs. We are pleased with the significant progress of Unilode’s strategic digital transformation program and the partnerships created with key aviation supply chain companies for the benefit of all our customers.”

For further information please contact:

Melinda Ferreira
Head of Marketing and Communications
Unilode Aviation Solutions
+41 43 255 4150

Lindsay Carruthers
Head of Communications
Menzies Aviation
+44 7876 393466

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