Unilode rolls out ULD digitalisation reader network at all Swissport stations

February 26, 2020

Unilode Aviation Solutions, the global leader in outsourced Unit Load Device (ULD) management and repair solutions, and Swissport International Ltd, the world’s leading provider of airport ground services and air cargo handling, have agreed to install Bluetooth® readers at all Swissport stations where Unilode’s digital solution will be used by customers.

Unilode’s digital transformation programme won industry-wide recognition as the recipient of the IATA Air Cargo Innovation Award last year. The solution enables to transmit data not only on the geolocation of the ULDs but can also share other relevant information such as temperature, humidity, shock and light, using ULDs equipped with Bluetooth® digital tags and a network of Bluetooth® readers and mobile devices.

Hendrik Leyssens, Swissport Vice President Global Operations, Cargo, said: “Our cooperation with Unilode and the introduction of global ULD tracking at our cargo warehouses create added value for our customers and drive the digital transformation of the cargo supply chain and the industry.”

Mr. Benoît Dumont, Unilode CEO, said: “This new partnership between Unilode and Swissport is instrumental in accelerating the implementation of Unilode’s award-winning digital transformation programme. Unilode will digitise its entire ULD fleet of 140,000 units with digital tags and create a Bluetooth® reader network in over 250 locations worldwide within the next two years. As Swissport provides air cargo handling and airport ground services to several Unilode ULD management customers worldwide, the installation of Bluetooth® readers in Swissport’s warehouses will significantly speed up the implementation process and enable all our customers to benefit from the digital solution much sooner. We are pleased with our new agreement and look forward to cooperating with Swissport and strengthening our relationship in all ULD-related areas.”

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For further information please contact:

Melinda Ferreira
Head of Marketing and Communications
Unilode Aviation Solutions
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Nathalie Berchtold
Senior Communications Manager & Spokesperson
Swissport International AG
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